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Now, Diabolical from Satyricon is generating a great degree of controversy in the black-metal underground. The CD album is selling extraordinarily well, however, even outside of black-metal circles.

Generator by Aborym last symphony of cyber-black metal, and it's almost bizarre that Italy's crown princes with Attila Csihar of kult should head toward resolutely more organic musical territory on its follow-up. Attila Csihar this days is singer in Mayhem.

Niklas Kvarforth and SHINING at that point concentrated on bringing their vision and as indicated by a few, questionable live exhibitions to Europe and for some time it appeared as though SHINING had turned into a strong live act. In any case by and by the frontmans emotional well-being brought about dropped visits, physical and mental battles inside the band and a possible separation.

Dodheimsgard best album is 666 International, Dodheimsgard last release to feature Aldrahn on vocals (return to the band in 2013, when the band recorded A Umbra Omega), Apollyon on bass and Svein Egil Hatlevik on keyboards. It was also their last release under the name Dodheimsgard. Band shortened their name to DHG.