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Bass HiFi woofer Visaton W 200 S. Visaton W 200 S The results were much better than anticipated. These speakers not only sound good, but put the black metal to shame.

Midbass HiFi woofer Visaton W 130 S features a coated paper cone and durable rubber surround. A very balanced frequency response allows the W 130 S to be used as a woofer in small two-way speakers or a midbass, midrange in three way speakers.

High-frequency calotte G 25 FFL for the high-frequency range above 2000 Hz. Due to the optimised dome shape with double coating in conjunction with the highly damped surround, linear frequency response has been made possible. Fabric dome driver, 1000, 30000 Hz, 4 Ohm, 1600Hz.

German loudspeaker producer VISATON is a centered on lookup and improvement of acoustics and loudspeaker technology that helps its extraordinary production. The company high-tech laboratories are outfitted with the modern size equipment for acoustical research as nicely as one of the greatest anechoic chambers in the industry. VISATON produces speakers for a large vary of applications.

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